Birth by Design

Bringing the support you need to surround your birth experience with joy!

Services Include:

Free Initial Consultation

2 Prenatal visits:

During these visits, we will be discussing your preferences for this labor and birth, assisting with birth planning as needed, discussing breastfeeding and the postpartum period, and practicing for labor and birth together so everyone is ready for the big day. An optional visit with caregiver is offered and we provide 24-hour phone and e-mail support.

Labor and birth:

Your Doula will be with you throughout your labor and birth, at home and at the hospital, to provide that continuous and undivided attention that you need when you need it. A back-up Doula will be available to you if your Doula is unable to attend.

Breastfeeding support:

Your Doula will remain with you for at least one to two hours after birth to assist with early breastfeeding and will be on call for feeding support during the early weeks.

Optional birth photography and story:

During labor, your Doula will gather information and pictures for a birth story and will create a beautiful hardback photo story just for you!

Postpartum Visit:

By one to two weeks after your baby’s birth, you and your Doula will get together to discuss your birth experience and to clarify any questions that you may have. She will also available to evaluate your baby’s breastfeeding progress.
Breastfeeding Support:
Folow-up support will continut for around 6 weeks postpartum, or until the breastfeeding relationship is well-established. 
Fees for these services: $800
Optional Birth Photography and Story: $200
Payable at time of hiring: $100 reservation fee
Payable at 1st Prenatal visit: $300 prenatal visit fee
Payable at Postpartum visit: $400 doula fee + $200 optional birth story