Birth by Design

Bringing the support you need to surround your birth experience with joy!

Doula Services include
Free Initial Consultation:
*In your home or public place of your choice
*Learn about doulas and get your questions answered

2 - 3 Prenatal visits:

*Learn about the labor process and what to expect
*Discuss your preferences for labor and birth
*Assist with birth planning as needed
*Learn about breastfeeding and the postpartum period
*Practice for labor and birth together so everyone is ready for the big day
*Offer an optional visit with caregiver
*Provide 24-hour phone and e-mail support
Labor and birth:

*Support you throughout your labor and birth, at home and at the hospital
*Provide continuous and undivided attention that you need when you need it
*Offer a back-up Doula if your Doula is unable to attend.

Breastfeeding support:

*Assist with first breastfeeding, skin-to-skin bonding and early recovery
*Follow up freqently to assure breastfeeding success
*Available for questions and concerns as needed
Optional birth photography and story:

*Gather information and pictures for a birth story
*Create a beautiful hardback photo story just for you
Postpartum Visit:

*Visit your home within 7-10 days after birth
*Evaluate breastfeeding
*Process the birth and recovery experience
Breastfeeding Support:
*Follow up support for 6 weeks, or until breastfeeding is well-established
Fees for these services: $900
Optional Birth Photography and Story: $200
Payable at time of hiring: $100 reservation fee
Payable at 1st Prenatal visit: $400 prenatal & postpartum visit fee
Payable at Postpartum visit: $400 doula fee + $200 optional birth story